Table legs

What is a table top without a leg or legs?
Here you can find table legs for all sorts and heights of tables. 
We stock heights from 10-90cm. 

table hights

a typical coffee table is between 25-40cm high.
a side table is typically between 15-50cm high. 
a dining table leg is between 72-74 high.
a console (or hall) table is normaliter about 90cm tall

Many Practices. One Intention.


Ideal for coffee tables and round tables
Sizes: 40-72cm

X legs

Made from raw steel. 
However this can be spray painted in any colour
Size: 72 cm

triangular legs

made from steel - black spray painted
Sizes: 40, 72 and 90

modular legs

These legs are use for dining tables and matching benches.

desk legs

Simple legs which are typically used for modern desks. Made from steel.
Size: 72 cm

z legs

used for dining talbes as well as desks. Made from steel.


much used for side tables and console tables.

box legs

Box (square legs. made for tables. Black spraid metal.


Four metal legs. sprayed in Black. See larger image on this page. 


Two halves. great for coffee tables. Made from Metal, sprayed black.


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round spider

Metal Tround spider legs. holds up to 400kg. Black or any other colour.
Height: 72 cm


square legs. very strong, great for larger and heavier tables.
height: 72cm

spider legs

Heavy metal. Can be sprayed in any colour. Very sturdy and modern looking.
Height: 72 cm


Strong and contempary looking dining table leg.
Height: 72 cm

hairpin legs

boxed. black. Height: 50-72 cm

round table

6-legs round table base.
Height: 40-72 cm

triple haripin legs

triple spider. strong and great for 40cm high coffe table or side table.  Height: 40 cm


ideal for larger tables. Metal base, spreayed in black..
Height: 72 cm

spider legs

Spider legs are very popular . They come in an array of colours. Height: 25-90 cm


Heavy metal table leg. one piece great for larger tables.
Height: 72 cm


contempary, seahorse legs.
Height: 72 cm

boxed legs

Metal legs.
Height: 72-90 cm


Heavy metal table leg. can be left as is (raw) or spray painted in any colour.
Height: 30-50 cm