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Kilmurry is a small area in the north of of Gorey township in county Wexford, Ireland. Wexford is a rural county, made up of hilly landscapes, coastal cliffs and sandy shores which is located in the sunny southeast of Ireland. This inspiring and relaxed region of Ireland continues to stimulate everything I make and do. It taught me the importance of creating timeless and functional furniture , that can be used in any home, wherever that may be.


Whether you want a personally designed piece of furniture, a specific design in mind, together we can design your ultimate piece of furniture. I encourage for people who have specific designs in mind to contact me. This also applies if you would like to use your own materials, such as an old piece of furniture or for example floorboards from your house. Or if you would like to have an object 'sunk' into epoxy..

Enjoying Work

I moved from the Netherlands to Ireland in 1995. Over the years I have setteld in and have become more and more interested in creating furniture from local sourced material. And as I have alsways enjoyed nature and woodworking, in 2022 I decided to setup my own workshop."Working with wood relaxes me, it's inspiring. As is the surrounding area I live in."

One of the moments I look forward to is selecting timber, looking at different types of Wood from different trees and their different characteristics. And when working with them watch the colours come to life when treated with different oils, wax or varnish.

My family are artistic and i think I got some of those genes. In 1985 I learned different woodworking techniques as well as working with woodworking tools and machines, which started my love to work with wood. - Creating and see what develops. It stimulates me and is every time again as exciting as the first piece of timber I worked with.

Sample Headline

You can find more samples of my work in the Gallery here

If you want to know more about the projects and how to to see your project developped, click here.

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Kilmurry, Gorey
Y25E922, co. Wexford

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